Old MSci Physics and Astrophysics Lecture Notes

The following lecture notes are from the University of London Physics BSc and Astrophysics MSc and related degree courses as given in previous years, (eg. the MSci Physics and Phys/Astrophysics EuroMasters degrees from around 2000-2011). Most are PDF files and some MS Word and PowerPoint files. Some of these degree course lecture notes may be incomplete or unavailable, but additional notes and course material has been included. More lecture notes and other material may become available here in the future.

-- BSc Physics Degree Course Structure:
-- At Level 1:
1B26 Electricity and Magnetism - Books: Flowers and Mendoza and Electromagnetism, Grant and Phillips
1B27 Introductory Classical Mechanics - (see 1B47 equivalent Mechanics notes on Pt 3). Book: Kleppner and Kolenkow, Introduction to Mechanics
1B28 Thermal Physics - (Short Notes on Section 1 and see also Pt.6 TKP) Book: M. de Podesta, Introduction to the Properties of Matter, and Flowers and Mendoza. See also Part 28a for Statistical and Thermal Physics supplementary notes for 1B28.
1B70 Physics Laboratory (Practical) with Computing I
1B71 Mathematical Methods for Physics I - (see also Parts 4 and 12-13). Replaced by 1B45 in subsequent years.
1B72 Waves and Modern Physics - ( see alsoPart 12 - 1B24 Waves, Optics and Acoustics, and Part 2 - main Waves section)
-- --
-- At Level 2:
2B22 Quantum Physics - ( see Parts 19-20 and Part 9 ). Books: A. Rae, Quantum Mechanics, and B.H. Bransden and C.J. Joachain, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Longman)
2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics - (on Part 4 and see also Part 9 for extra Atomic Physics notes). Book: Bransden, Physics of Atoms and Molecules.
2B27 Environmental Physics - Books: Mason and Hughes, Principles of Environmental Physics
2B28 Statistical Thermodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics - Books: Atkins, Physical Chemistry and F. Mandl Statistical Mechanics.
2B29 Electromagnetic Theory
2B70 Physics Laboratory (Practical) with Computing II
2B72 Mathematical Methods II - ( see Parts 12-13 ).
-- --
-- At Level 3:
3C24 Nuclear and Particle Physics - see Part 15 - Books: Martin and Shaw, Particle Physics and Povh et al, Particles and Nuclei.
3C25 Solid State Physics - see Parts 6 and 22 - Books: C. Kittel, Solid State Physics and Brehm and Mullin, Introduction to the Structure of Matter.
3C26 Quantum Mechanics
3C43 Lasers and Modern Optics (Optoelectronics) - Books: Hawkes and Wilson, Introduction to Electro-Optics and Pedrotti, Introduction to Optics
3C70(80) Physics Practical III and Laboratory Project
3C74 Topics in Modern Cosmology uncorrected incomplete notes - ( Part 3 see also other equivalent 3rd yr Physical Cosmology options incl. 3C36 or 3C37 on Part 19)
3C75 Principles and Practice of Electronics
3Cxx (Optional Mathematics, Physics or Astrophysics modules at Level 3)

* * See also MT1, MT2, MT3, Calculus II and III, and Mathematical Methods 3 for more Maths modules with similar or equivalent content). Recommended books: K. A. Stroud Engineering Mathematics and Further Engineering Mathematics; M. Boas, Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences; Riley, Hobson and Bence (RHB); and G. Arfken and H. Weber, Mathematical Methods for Physicists.

-- MSc Astrophysics Degree outline:
ASTM109 Stellar Structure and Evolution & other lecture notes (external site)
ASTM116 Astrophysical Plasmas
ASTM001 Solar System - (on Part 1 and see also Planetary Sciences and the Lecture Notes on Basic Celestial Mechanics book on Part 2). Required books: C. Murray and S. Dermott, Solar System Dynamics; and J. Lissauer and I. de Pater, Planetary Sciences.
ASTM002 The Galaxy
-- --
ASTM108 Advanced Cosmology (External site)
ASTM005 Research Methods in Astrophysics and research essay
ASTM041 Relativistic Astrophysics
ASTM112 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
ASTM052 Extragalactic Astrophysics (see also Physics of Galaxies - Ch 5)
ASTM003 Angular Momentum and Accretion in Astrophysics (Extrasolar Planets and Astrophysical Disks)
ASTM024 MSc Astrophysics Project and Dissertation
ASTMxxx (Other optional Physics, Mathematics or Astrophysics courses at Level 3 or 4)

* Refer to the Degree Handbook(s) for full course details including recommended books and resources.
General undergraduate Physics textbooks :
Halliday, Resnick and Walker, Fundamentals of Physics, or other comprehensive general physics textbooks covering 1st and 2nd year topics such as Fishbane and Gasziorowitz, Physics for Engineers
R.A. Serway, R.J. Beichner, Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics available online

Some of the intercollegiate MSci Physics Options :
4C21 (M421) Atom and Photon Physics - see Part 5 of the degree modules
4C26 (4226) Advanced Quantum Theory - see the Additional Lectures section
4C31 (4431) Molecular Physics
4C42 (4442) Particle Physics - see Part 5
4C72 (M472) Order and Excitations in Condensed Matter
4C11 (4211) Statistical Mechanics (Advanced) - see Part 17 for slides
4C61 (4261) Electromagnetic Theory (Advanced) - see the Additional Lectures section
PHY-415 (MSci 4242) Relativistic Waves and Quantum Fields (Quantum Field Theory) - see Part 1
4Cxx (Other Physics or Astrophysics MSci options)

Links to more Physics and Astrophysics MSci degree Lecture Notes:-

Main Lecture Notes index : 2B28 (PHAS2228) Statistical Thermodynamics (UCL), Mathematical Techniques 3 notes cont. (QMUL), 2B22 (2222) Quantum Physics slides cont. (UCL), sample Past Exam Papers from the M.Sci Physics degree(s), etc.

Degree Outlines : 2B22 Quantum Physics (UCL), 3C26 Quantum Mechanics, 3C43 Lasers and Modern Optics, 3C75 Principles and Practice of Electronics, ASTM116 Astrophysical Plasmas (QMUL), ASTM002 The Galaxy, ASTM052 Extragalactic Astrophysics, etc.

Degree Modules Section 1 : Stellar Structure and Evolution (Penn State), ASTM115 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (QMUL), MTH6123 Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology 1-20, ASTM003 Angular Momentum and Accretion in Astrophysics 1-10, etc.

Some M.Sci Physics past exams :

Additional Lectures : 2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics (UCL), 4966 Advanced EM Theory (QMUL), ASTM003 AM and Accretion in Astrophysics Lecture 11, 4C26 Advanced Quantum Theory (UCL), etc.

Part 1 : More RWFQ and GR lecture notes (UCL), ASTM001 Solar System dynamics, MAS347 Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology cont., C6 M.Phys option Theoretical Physics (Oxford), Quantum Field Theory extra notes, etc.

Part 2 : Waves and Modern Physics (Vanier College), ASTM001 Solar System (QMUL), Fields and Waves, Maths summary sheets, Dynamics of Physical Systems, Vibrations and Waves. - Main Waves Section

Part 2a

Part 3 : ASTM109 Stellar Structure and Evolution (QMUL), 3C74 Topics in Modern Cosmology cont. uncorrected (UCL), 2B29 EM Theory, 1B47 Classical Mechanics, SCM, etc.

Part 4 : 2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics (UCL), Mathematical Techniques 1 (QMUL), MT 2 and MT 3, Nebulae to Stars (UCL), - main Mathematics Section

Part 5 : PHASG421 Atom and Photon Physics, 4C42 Particle Physics, Statistical Mechanics, 2B22 Quantum Physics extra notes, Celestial Mechanics book, misc Cosmology research papers and notes, etc.

Part 6 : More CMP, 3C25 Solid State Physics (UCL), Thermal and Kinetic Physics, Physical Dynamics, Electro-Optics notes, Statistical Mechanics, QMS Quantum Mechanics and Symmetry (QMUL), Mechanics, etc.

Part 7 : More RG and Cosmology notes (QMUL), MAS347 Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology cont. (QMUL), Cosmology Pt II of 3 Structure Formation (Cambridge), Stellar Structure and Evolution cont. (University of Colorado), 4C15 High Energy Astrophysics cont. (UCL), misc. Tables of Physical Constants and Quantities, Hydrodynamics notes (LRA), extra Quantum Mechanics notes, and MSci Degree info, etc.

Part 8 : C1 Advanced Stellar Evolution, HEA slides cont. (Oxford), Massive Stars, Origin of Binaries paper, extra Astrophysics notes, etc.

PART 9 : MTH6132 Introductory Relativity (QMUL), GR short notes, Relativistic Quantum Fields 1 (University of Sussex), Dynamical Systems (advanced notes), extra Atomic Physics notes, Quantum Mechanics w/ Hydrogen Atom derivation, High Energy Astrophysics - Oxford slides cont, Calculus 1 & 2 lecture notes, short notes on tensors, C3 Condensed Matter Physics options cont. (Oxford), misc. papers incl Cenozoic KT event Paper, etc.

Part 10 : Tensor book, Cosmology Pt. 1 of 3 The Unperturbed Universe (Cambridge), PHY413 Quantum Mechanics B (incomplete), 1B30 Astronomy Practicals, ASTR 4C15 High Energy Astrophysics (UCL), HEA notes (Penn State), etc.

PART 10 X - Lectures sur l'Astrophysique et Géomorphogénèse (en français)

Part 11 : PHY413 Quantum Mechanics B (QMUL) cont., ASTR5700 Stellar Structure and Evolution (University of Colorado), 5 misc Oxford short physics options (J Binney), Trinity Paper.

PART 11a : 3C26 QM extra notes cont. (UCL), CP3630 General Relativity (KCL), Advanced Physical Cosmology and GR (Univ. of Munich), ASTM002 Galaxies lecture slides and problems (QMUL), etc.

Part 12 : 3C11 Planetary Geology (UCL), C3 Condensed Matter Physics option cont. (Oxford), Signals and Systems, 1B24 Waves Optics and Acoustics (UCL), Intro to Cosmology (Penn State), Mathematical Methods I, 2246 Mathematical Methods III (UCL), MTH744 (Short) Dynamical Systems notes (QMUL), Timelines and constants.

PART 12a : PHY103 Physics Experiments Manual for 1st yr Lab Practicals and SCM (QMUL), extra Quantum Mechanics (Univ.of Texas).
[ Degree Outlines - 2012 ]

PART 13 : 3C17 Solar System Science, C3 Condensed Matter Physics option Pt. 1 (Oxford) cont., 380 Plasmas (U. Texas), ASTR 4C15 High Energy Astrophysics cont. (UCL), Elements of Astrophysics (U. Hawaii), Planetary Systems (U. Colorado), 2B72 Mathematical Methods II (UCL).

PART 13a : Extra supplementary (unofficial) notes - Waves, Mechanics, Optics, Statistical Mechanics, Plasma Physics (Univ. of Texas), q-Condensed Matter Physics (UCLA), etc.

PART 14 : 4C65 Space Plasmas and Magnetospheric Physics section 2 (UCL), 4C15 High Energy Astrophysics slides cont., some papers on the Holographic Principle, etc.

PART 15 : 2B70 Lab Practicals, C3 Condensed Matter Physics Pt. 1 cont (Oxford), MT4510 Solar Physics (St Andrews), 3C24 Nuclear and Particle Physics (UCL), Misc Astrophysics short notes (Oxford), etc.

PART 16 : Space, Time and Gravity notes 5/10, RWQF Notes pt 2 cont. (QMUL), Calculus I incomplete, 2C1 Further Mathematical Methods (UMIST), 116C Mathematical Methods (UC Santa Clara), Mathematical Methods book (Univ. of Manchester), etc.

PART 17 : 6505 Mathematics (UCL), Statistical Mechanics (NYU), Space, Time and Gravity cont. (QMUL), MM09 Mathematical Methods and Physics short options (Oxford), 4211 Advanced Statistical Mechanics (RHUL), etc.

Part 18 : Sample astrophysics problems - ASTM108 Advanced Cosmology suppl notes and problems (QMUL), STG Space, Time and Gravity problems, etc.

Part 19 : MTH6123 Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology 2010 notes (QMUL), short notes on Tensors (Swarthmore College), Mathematical Physics (Imperial), Statistical Mechanics IV (Univ. of Heidelberg), 3C36 Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy (UCL), 3C35 Stellar Structure and Astrophysical Processes (UCL), PHY319 Quantum Mechanics A (QMUL), ME563 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (U. Wisconsin), ASTM002 The Galaxy revision notes (QMUL), 1B02 Physics of the Universe partial notes (UCL), ASTM116 Solar Wind properties, etc. [Degree Outlines].

PART 20 : 3C34 Physics and Evolution of Stars (UCL), Heat and (Introductory) Thermodynamics (U.Vic), Quantum Physics (QMUL), Relativistic Waves and Quantum Fields - cont. Part 2d, etc.

Part 20a : Mathematical Methods (RHB), Lectures on Mathematical Methods (ND), IA Matrices notes (Cambridge), IA Algebra and Geometry. - Extra Maths Section

PART 21 : RWQF part 2/3 cont (QMUL), Electricity and Magnetism (UVic), Statistical Mechanics (Temple University), Geometric Optics (UVic), MTH4100 Calculus I cont. (QMUL).

PART 21a : MT1 Mathematical Techniques 1 extra notes (QMUL), Dynamical Systems (Cambridge), Atomic Spectra (Sheffield), Cosmology Lecture notes 2010 (Imperial), Gamma Functions recap, Future Cosmos special 2002, WMAP 1st Year preliminary results paper 2003, some Quantities, Units and Constants (rough uncorrected) quick reference, etc.

PART 22 : 3C25 Solid State Physics extra notes (UCL), Stellar Atmospheres (U.Vic), Statistical Mechanics revision and CMP, B3 Stellar Structure and Evolution (Oxford), 2112 Equations of Stellar Structure - recap (UCL), Laplace's Equation recap.

PART 23 : RWQF cont. Part 2a (QMUL), 3C01 Electromagnetic Theory (UCL), PHY2201 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (University of Exeter), Physics of Waves (Harvard), MTH4100 Calculus I cont. (QMUL), UL Intercollegiate MSci Handbook (1999)

PART 24 : Sample Physics and Astrophysics problems from the MSci degree course - Gravitation and Cosmology (U. Virginia), ASTM003 Angular Momentum and Accretion in Astrophysics (QMUL), STG Space, Time and Gravity problems cont., 1B24 Waves Optics and Acoustics exam (UCL), 2B24 Atomic and Molecular Physics, 2246 Mathematical Methods III (UCL), 2B29 EM Theory, 3C24 Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2B22 Quantum Physics problems 4, ASTM052 EGA-Physics of Galaxies (QMUL), ASTM116 Astrophysical Plasmas Ch. solns, ASTM001 Solar System, ASTM041 Relativistic Astrophysics courseworks (QMUL), 3C34 Physics and Evolution of Stars (UCL), 3C25 Solid State Physics, 1B45 (1B71) Mathematical Methods for Physics I (UCL).

PART 25 : Extra material - 1B28 Thermal Physics slides 1-12 (UCL), 316 Electromagnetism and Optics (University of Texas), 2B27 Environmental Physics redone as PDFs, Introductory Celestial Mechanics (U. Texas), ASTM112 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (QMUL) - redone as PDFs.

Part 26 : 1B28 Thermal Physics cont. slides 13-21 / 30 (UCL), ASTM109 Stellar Structure and Evolution cont. - redone as PDFs (QMUL), 3C25 Solid State Physics / 2B28 Statistical Thermodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics extra notes, etc.

Part 26a : Cambridge Lecture Notes - IB Mathematical Methods 1-3, IA Dynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Waves, IA Vector Calculus, Symmetries and Particles, Advanced Quantum Field Theory (Cambridge), Stellar Structure and Evolution - intermediate (Sheffield University), Tevatron Kinematics Primer (Glasgow University), Experiment E5 (UCL), The Celestial Sphere (Sheffield University), Short summary recap on Tensors for GR (Warwick University), ASTM109 Advanced Stellar Structure and Evolution - redone as PDFs (QMUL), PHY101 Electricity and Magnetism (Sheffield University), etc.

PART 27 : Extra sample MSci Physics degree problems - 1B28 Thermal Physics slides 23-30/30 cont. (UCL), ASTM041 Relativistic Astrophysics (QMUL), 3C43 Lasers and Modern Optics, EM Fields, MTH6132 Relativity, 2B27 Environmental Physics, EPP Glossary, PHY215 Quantum Physics, 2B22 Quantum Physics (UCL), PHY319 Quantum Mechanics A (QMUL).

Part 27a : 4C26 Advanced Quantum Theory - cont. (UCL), Lasers and Atomic Physics (Sheffield University), Solar System Dynamics - TOC (QMUL), General Relativity (Warwick University), 3C26 Quantum Mechanics - extra problems (UCL), CP2470 Principles of Thermal Physics (KCL), etc.

PART 28 : Further MSci Physics problems - 2B21 Mathematical Methods II (UCL), ASTM003 Angular Momentum and Accretion (QMUL), Relativity and Gravitation, ASTM001 Solar System, ASTM108 Advanced Cosmology, PHY213 Space, Time and Gravity cont.(QMUL), Mathematical Aspects of Cosmology, 2B28 Statistical Thermodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics (UCL), Thermal and Kinetic Physics (QMUL), etc. Mathematical Tools for Physics (University of Miami).

PART 28a : Relativity Problems (QMUL), Electricity and Magnetism (MIT), Statistical and Thermal Physics (Clark University) suppl notes for 1B28, Solar Physics problems (UCL), Physics of Galaxies test problems, etc.

Part 29 : MSci Physics and Astrophysics problems cont. - Planetary Systems problems (QMUL), IB Mathematical Methods I full notes (Cambridge), 1B45 (1B71) Mathematical Methods I (UCL), CM2 Condensed Matter 2 - slides cont. (QMUL), MT3 Mathematical Techniques III problems, Complex Variables short summary notes (Caltech), Physical and Astronomical constants, EPP particle properties (QMUL), 275 Cosmology (UCLA), NST430 Cosmology Part II Standard Cosmological Model (Cambridge), MT1 problems (QMUL), etc.

Past Exam Papers :
PART 30 : MSci Physics and Astrophysics degree Past Exam Papers

PART 30a : More MSci Physics Past Exam Papers. Advanced EM Theory problem sheets, TKP problems, RWQF problems (QMUL), Linear Algebra short notes, Solid State Physics and Condensed Matter (UCLA), IA Electromagnetism partial notes (Cambridge), etc.

Back to PART 31 : Extra MSci Physics and Astrophysics Past Exam Papers and Problems - cont.

Main Cosmology Section : 3C74 Topics in Modern Cosmology, C358 Cosmology (UCL), ASTM108 Cosmology (QMUL), C348 Mathematics for General Relativity (UCL), Intro to Tensor Calculus (KCL), ASTM041 Relativistic Astrophysics (QMUL), etc.

( To be done in the future? - 2005 exam Monopoles question and the MB Distribution and vrms for 1B28. Other mathematical derivations from the lectures).

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